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Thread: Problems Deleting Partition Magic 8

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    May 2003
    i downloaded and installed Partition magic 8, but it crashes PC each time i try to run it. i am unable to delete prog as it does not show in Add/Remove porgs.

    I know search of forum shows a few ways to delete the undeletable, but iam just a bit concerned as it is to do with Partitioning.

    Any help please


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    get a program called add/remove plus if you want to remove partition magic
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    I tried PartnMagic and had problems with it - havent tried to uninstalll yet....

    Instead i got Acronis Partition Expert which worked Easy, superfast and no glitches.
    There was only one source in kazaa (now theres 2).......

    If all else fails - simply delete the folder and any other relating to Pmagic, the run registry healer and also registry detective to find and delete any left overs.

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    Try this. See if you can remove it.

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    Replace your Partition Magic to Acronis Partition Expert. I have tried this program and doesn&#39;t give you a mess. Try it buddy.


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