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Thread: What Do U Think Is The Best Program For .iso Files

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    What program do you guys think is best for .iso files ??

    before i used to get all my .iso files from kazaa lite but lately it seems like all the people are only hosting .exe files when it comes to full version stuff (games) , so ive been using Emule but I had to share over 5 gigs of data to get a decent transfer rate of 15kbps , and its basicly impossible to dl files with not too many sources from it

    are there any other good programs out there that i might not know about ??

    thanks for replies

    - Angel Of Destiny

    Edit : I forgot to include that with a cable modem tweak and disableing "try to dl first and last chunk first" also speeds it up a little (because after its done downloading each 9mb chunk it puts you on the waiting list of the person ur downloading off of) , the fastest ive been able to dl on emule however is 30kbps ... on kazaa lite the fastest ive downloaded a file is 400kbps

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    I like daemon tools for iso, but I think your asking where to get them, well iso's are the exception, not the rule
    most of the time you will get bin/cue but even those are 99% of the time rar'ed with WinRar

    as for where to get them, I like irc and bittorrent, news gourps seem to get stuff the quickest

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    Bittorrent or IRC and IsoBuster to extract them. Try Bittorrent and it will easily max out your internet connection (depending on the seeds). Visit or


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