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Thread: Where Can I Get Win95?

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    My hard disk is only 370 mb so i can't d/l more than that. How much does it cost to buy now? I need any kind of os that i can d/l onto this 370 hd. Is linux small?

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    holy shit dude
    best buy has a deal for a 120GB i think $100 installed

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    Windows 95? Are you sure you don't want to improve your computer? I don't know if there is still a Wndows 95 shared, but it's a big world.

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    lol why dont you just buy a $5, 5 GB hdd off the net? lol any os which will fit on 370mb which I think is none you wont have any space left over afterwards

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    I don't think Linux can fit on a 370 mb hard drive, but I never tried it before. I think that hardrive is too small, unless you really don't do much on downloading or gaming.

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    what processer is that a 80 mhz??? I dont think it is the best idea to have this program with a computer like that what internet connection 14k? then you have to have at leat 32 megs of ram to make it wrok good or you will notice lots of crashes... i have doenloaded more than your whole hard disk!!!

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    It's true. 370MB is pathetic and would should consider getting a bigger drive, like Fusen said.

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    Don't even think about 95, also with a hard drive that small your
    comp is very old and out of date.You really can't upgrade it anymore.
    Best bet if you have the chaching is to go out and by a new one.
    They are cheep

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    I want to use the os for another computer(466 celeron, 6 gb hd).
    I'm just using my 370 mg hd computer to d/l some kind of os to get my 466 operational so i can d/l win xp. i have cd's for win98se and me but i keep getting a invalid product key message when i try to install them on my 466.

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    What's wrong with keeping the old ones alive? I hae a pentium 166, 1.4 gb pc still running in my house. It's fantastic. I have cable internet and I use the little one to download everything so I don't clog up my cpu on my main computer during my daily activities. The little one downloads like lightning, sends everything to a local network folder (which is basically part of an external hard drive interfaced with my router and both pc's), and keeps my main pc free to use extensive programs without slowing down. Then when I want to access a file or move it over to my main hard drive it is at LAN (100mbps) speed. Best setup I've ever had!

    YOU said though that you are just trying to help you install 98se on another computer though, right? YOu can find it (with a proper reg) on kazaa or more easily on winmx. I found 5 sources for windows 95 there too. Check it out.

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