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Thread: Cant Delete!

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    I deleted files on my desktop on MY SHARED FOLDERS.....however when i got back to KLITE and go to MY KAZAA LITE K++ all my files are still there.... when i try to delete the files from KLITE they all disappear only to return when i restart KL.

    is it being stored some-where else.....or can i delete my files another way???

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    Originally posted by pipelinxpress@5 December 2003 - 18:30
    is it being stored some-where else?...
    maybe. If you're using XP, look in the /Documents and Settings folder. You probably just deleted a shortcut.

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    make sure your av is upto date and run it, also run ad aware,

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    You might want to try using the SEARCH option on the START menu to look for the files you want to delete. At least that way it will tell you the name of the folder that they are in. Then you can navigate through explorer to find the correct folder and delete them.

    Someone may have a better suggestion. Hope this helps.

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    i get that sometimes. i dl a file and it puts all these things in my software list. but i cant use them. its annoying

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    I've got the same problem, I searched from the find files or folders option and they are not on my computer but are still showing up in KazaaLite.
    Anyone know how to delete these for good?

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    I managed to remove them, don't know the technical details but I ran scandisk and that found a problem to do with kazaa then automatically fixed it, so if you have the same problem try scandisk


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