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Thread: Nat Software

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    Is there any decnt 'NAT' Software out ther cos i dont want to buy a router?
    Many thanks

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    i though nat was hardware based. what is your setup like at home. it will be a big waste of time to use nat if there is only one machine.

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    my setup is as follows:
    The Main Computer is a 1ghz with Millenum Ediotion,40gb hardisk,256mb ram
    My comp is 2hz with xp pro,60gb,256mb
    and my other is the same as above 2hz with xp pro,60gb,256mb
    They 2ghz uses a cable conection to my Bose Lan Hub which connects dirctly to My Milnneum Comp.

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    i give up would this router do the job?
    Linksys Router
    P.S I need the 8 ports


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