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Thread: Congrats Fc

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    Congrats FC on becoming a K-lite Postwhore I know you worked very hard for this honor B)

    Edited because I hadn't noticed The Flinger had already been "promoted"

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    Don't forget The Flinger who is also a Postwhore.

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    I think a lot of us already know they're post whores... Im still that damn little bitch...

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    Ahh! He really is a post whore! Wow... Just noticed that... So far we got 2 post whores... Maybe ill be the third?

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    Yeah, you might be the third post whore NeoShoyru.

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    whats next post slut?
    fc strikes again

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    Who's going to be lunky number 3?!? It's a race I tell ya and wait til the Verifieds come back up, then we'll know who's going to win!

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    Are you going to try Shinigami?

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    hmmm.... Maybe :insert devilish grin:

    Also, Congrats to you too The_Great_Dude!

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    Lol, thanks. This should be a moment to remember.

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