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    Hello, I am trying to download files off mIRC but t will not work. mIRC connects but when i click the download link, and paste the code it does not download. I recieve tihs message:

    [EWG]-Ryan1918-5- *** HEH. You have a DCC pending man, Set your client or even your asshole to receive the transfer(s). Have a nice day. (90 seconds remaining until timeout)

    What is this about?
    PS i have zone alarm pro and EZ antivirus, do i need to change some settings or what?
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    heres the guide, I still don't know why its in the lounge, guess they ran out on pinned topics in software world

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    Here is a simplified guide on Mirc. If irc says that you have a download pending, it means that mIRc is not set to receive files. Makes sure that you select "Ignore alll".

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    stop posting spam, at least have something to say
    I use mirc as allot of people, doesn't mean I don't use kazaa
    try to make more sense when you try to post something

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    that happens sometime even if u have your connection to accecpt, but if this happens with every file check the guide and make sure u followed it exactly like u were suppose to

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