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Thread: Movie Burning

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    If i have a regular cd burner and a regular blank cd (cd-rw) can i put a dvd on it burn it and play it on my dvd player if i cAN PLZ TELL ME HOW

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    the only way you can possibly do this is if you download or purchase DVDXCOPY PLUS you can probably download a good one from kazaa or if you want to purchase it click here
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    but in order to do that u need a dvd rom for ur pc rite?

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    these ads that say "FIT A DVD ON 1 CDR" ar crocks of shit..just a big rip-off
    they work like this, you "ripp" the movie and turn it into DivX. they just claim its good. theres guides out there that teach you how to do it, if ur wanting to put a movie on a cd-r from kazaa and play it on ur dvd player, check the site i posted earler.....yes you need a DVD-ROM in order to "ripp" movies

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    Use DVD Shrinker. To shrink the film, then Tempinc to encode it. 21hours you are looking at though to do that.

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    They have the best DVD / VCD / SVCD / DivX / Everything else movie converting guides, program links, and everything else.

    You will never be able to put a DVD onto a CD. It just won't fit. You've got a few opptions, like VCD, SVCD, or the newer KVCD which should do just fine though.
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    ight thanx and u can but kvcd on a dvd player rite?
    and it works with a normal cd burner?

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    yep works on most all dvd players, ESP if they play vcd
    guide in my sig, its super easy, try the test disc if you dvd player isn't on the compatibility list


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