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Thread: Everyone Who's Downloaded Simcity4

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    If you downloaded the deviance rip of SimCity4 and got the game working, can you please tell me exactly how you did it ie the exact steps gone through? Thanks for anyone who can help me out here, im desperate...

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    I downloaded it but it won't work for me. I really don't think the deviance rip work really works for that many people and the gimprus is hard to find on the kazaa network.

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    here here

    I downloaded it like 4 times, rips iso's the lot, none worked, I am now investigating the possibility of maybe sometime this month connecting to an ftp who has it!

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    inside your head, and you can't get me out, mwahahaha
    I think the main problem is the simcity5.dat file error, as all the others are either preloaded towns or music files. I have the gimpsRus CD2, and I might be able to give you that that .dat to you, but I'd better see if it works for me first.

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    I thought these files were meant to be exact copies of the CDs? Also, I've been through some other forums and I've seen people mention they got this rip working. What are these .cue files I was reading about in another they do anything?

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    .cue files are used to burn .bin files.
    What file types do you have? Are they .iso or .bin?
    Have you already burn them to CDs?
    The image files can get errors while being downloaded.
    You can get CDmage and scan the image files for errors. If the files have errors, you can also use CDmage and try to fix them but it doesn't always work.

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    They're .bin files and I read in another thread about downloading .cue files so I went on kazaa and tpyed simcity cue and downloaded the .cue files for each CD but I don't know what they do...yeh I have already burnt the 2 CDs, during installation it requests CD2 and continues installing as soon as a iput it in, but as soon as the installation finishes it asks for CD2 even though its still in there. So I've used no-cd cracks which let me get into the game but when I click a piece of land to start my city in, it crashes to the desktop while it's loading. And I have also tried installing the game off my HD which worked but had the same error again

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    OK I used that program and I think almost every file had errors so I repaired them whic only fixed 4 files then I clicked on rebuild sector fields and now none of them have any problems, so I'm gonna extract all the files again and install the game and say if its made any difference...let's hope...

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    inside your head, and you can't get me out, mwahahaha
    I figured out how to make it work!!

    Daemon Tools ( (optional)
    DEViANCE rips both CDs 1+2
    WinISO (cough*Kazaa*cough)

    [How To]
    1.Install DEViANCE, ignoring all errors (with d-tools)
    2. Open iso no 2
    Extract Simcity5.dat into the main Simcity folder.
    Enjoy (no crack needed for me)

    oh, and btw, its a kickass game

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    I got it working! I did it differently than the way above, I had to use CDMage to repair the cd2 .bin file and then I extracted all the files to my computer and intalled the game from there then applied a no-cd patch! It works and it's an exellent game!

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