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Thread: Stealthdisk Pro V.3.6

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    I was searching for a hide folders type of program and found Stealthdisk pro.
    It sounds like the best of its kind. The only problem is that the newest version,
    StealthDisk Pro v.3.6 is F***ed up. Once installed, after rebooting I get an
    illegal operation, and it freezes, then I have to push the power button and start
    in safe mode and it took over an hour to get it fixed. Thought it may be corrupt
    so I tried it from the developers site and non developer sites, and got the same

    Has anyone else used this version ?
    http: /
    http: /

    So I looked for an earlier version and I found v.3.5 and a serial. The problem
    now is that once I tried installing it a message pops up saying "There is a newer
    version, download it from the developers site." 3.6 is the newer version.
    How does v3.5 know that v3.6 is out yet and is there a way around that. lol

    In the end I found a program called AKAS Hide Folders. It works great and its
    freeware. I think the newest version is shareware but I found the last freeware
    version they put out.

    Just curious if anyone else has tried StealthDisk Pro v.3.6 and if it worked?


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    No sounds fake, also warez isn't aload here


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