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    In my organisation all computers are networked and we use mostly
    software(WindowsNT/2000/XP). When I was assigned a PC my userid was
    created in
    Active Directory by the network engineer. So I use this log into my PC.

    Now my questions are

    1)Where is my userid residing (on my local machine or in some other
    2)When I create any new user from my PC where is that user info stored
    3)Suppose instead of loggin into domain if I login to my PC locally
    user id should I give?
    4)Can we have single Active Directory and have a network of PCs with
    different OS like XP,NT,2000, 95 etc
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    1) its on the server.

    2) If you create a new user on your PC, then it will just be for that PC. Nothing else.

    3) This is most likely something you cannot do anyway, a good network will have a setup, so you can only log into the domain, and you must have a username/password for that, and will have all Windows set up so they cannot have anything changed, unless an administrator logs on.

    4) You can, but if youíre talking about with your work pc, itís probably impossible, as I stated above, you shouldn't be able to mess with anything. Other wise security leaks can happen.
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