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Thread: Need Game Reccomendations

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    Please could someone reccomend me some good games for my pc requirements, because alot of games won't run that well on mine, thanks

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    What video card you got ?

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    How do i find that out?

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    Go to your start menu then click on "Run", type in "dxdiag" without quotes, let it load then go to the display tab, the name of your card is next to "Name" along with alot of other information about your Video card, you can find your sound card and all that stuff here too

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    Thanks, it says i have a 'Trident Video Accelerator Blade' Can anybody help me now?

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    see that?? can you tell use the memory and other stats too?

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    Yeah it says only 8MB

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    1 buy another video card +)
    2 try unreal tournament if your in fps i think you can still play it whit a 8mb card


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