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    i have been using Seedbox. In this respect, I can provide you a good referances from TL and Avistaz. I don't know for how many months more, i will use Seedboxes. But, i have also fiber internet connection. It will be appreciated if someone invitems me there.

    Thank you for consdiering my request.

    Best regards,

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    Cross-posting this here, since apparently 100% of it applies to you.

    Quote Originally Posted by anon View Post
    The one thing I resent about FileList is that with extremely limited exceptions, only VIPs can create invite codes... and while it's possible to become one without donating, you have to seed a few TBs of stuff 24/7 for around two years

    Good luck with the request, maybe someone else will be able to step up. You're already well-covered with TL and IPT, but in my opinion FL is the best of the three.
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