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Thread: Defenders Of The Earth

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    I have only ever been able 2 find 4 Episodes in my 2 Years of using K-Lite and I have only ever completed one of them! The other 3 just dont seem 2 be shared by more than one Person. Does anyone no where I can get some or does anyone have any?

    Edit: Oh come on guys does no1 have any info? have none of u even seen them being shared or sumthing?

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    Come on guys does no1 remember it or sumthing?

    *Edit* My prayrs have been answed! its been released on DVD! woo hoo! only the first few episodes though so anyone with any is still welcome 2 let me know.

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    ok so I take it no one even remembers it then?

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    ok so I guess this thread can be binned, Since no1 at all apart from myself even remembers the show.

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    I remember the show, but no idea where to find it. i'd try emule, thats the best place for rare stuff

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    never heard of it

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    I think it used to be on 'going live' on sat mornings. (I'm guessing that cos i seem to associate it with phillip scofield & gordon the gopher)

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    never heard of it but i love that sig

    Jeff Loomis: He's so good, he doesn't need to be dead to have a tribute.

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    Was tha the cartoon with the Phantom in it?

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    Yeah ive never seen it but i have about 300 phantom comics and i remember reading about it. I too would like to see some of these.


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