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    What are my max download/upload speeds if I have this plan?

    Downstream: 384Kbps
    Upstream: 128Kbps

    Right now I get the max download speed of 40KBPS

    ALSO, give me tips on how to increase speeds.

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    384kb/sec/8 = 48kB/sec
    128kb/sec/8 = 16kB/sec

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    I don&#39;t get it. My cousin has the same plan but he gets 100KBPS downloads...

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    There are several factors that affect download speed. A lot of these tweaks can be performed in the Registry Editor via the guide available from Also, the contention ratio may affect the speed throughoutput, your line&#39;s performance etc..

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    The thing is, why does my cousin have the same plan but get rates of 100KBPS when the plan says MAX 384KBPS downstream.?


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