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    Naive Question?

    This is the first time i work with bin and cue files

    i finally got the impossible creatures files;

    ImpCreatures CD1.bin and .cue and nfo
    ImpCreatures CD2.bin and .cue and nfo

    so wheres the setup exe? or do i just burn them on 2 cds and it will automatically run or....

    how does this work and what now?

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    I'm not good at explaining but will give it a shot.

    You need a burning program that can burn iso files to cds. Cdrwin is the one I used the last time I downloaded an iso file. Well after you have burnt it to a/several cd it should work.

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    If you want to use nero, then follow this guide.

    Basically, you just burn the .cue, that will set it up to burn the corresponding bin with no additional effort on your part. But read the guide anyways, if you have any questions.

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    You might even want to consider using Fireburner. I find it much more user friendly than CDRWin. Also, if you do use CDRWin remember there are two different companies making burning software using that name. I strongly recommend only using the one made by Golden Hawk Technology. Hope this helps


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