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Thread: Can't Open Eac (exact Audio Copy)

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    Okay mabe this should have been posted in questions/problems. But since this is about ripping MP3's and music related here goes.

    I have'nt used EAC in a while and last night when I tried to open the program I would get "access denied" error message. After repeated uninstalls/installs of different versions of eac, lame, drivers, aspime.... still access denied. On the eac home page and faq the closest thing I could find relating to this problem was a codec conflict. This could in fact possibly be the case I have recently installed:
    "K-Lite Codec Pack 2.21 Full RC6 [6.28MB]" Before I start uninstalling codecs I thought I would check to see if anyone else thats installed the new codec pack has had problems with eac. I've had codec probs in the past and finally have all audio,videos,movies working fine and hate to start messing with the codecs if thats not the problem (or solution). Any help,advice,is much needed, where as I'm in danger of instantaneous combustion.

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    I have v2.10 and no problem with eac, so I don't know if 2.21 caused your problem.

    Have you considered going back to 2.20?

    You can disable the audio codecs one at a time to see if one is causing a conflict. The eac site suggests deactivating ctmp3, spiro and tssoft32 first. If that dosen't help, you can reactivate them in device manager.

    EAC doesn't have an uninstaller. Try deleting the key in the registry at HKCU\Software\AWSoftware\EAC. Now start eac, the wizard should pop up to configure eac and the key will be rewritten.



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