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Thread: Tmpgenc Illegal Stream Audio Message

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    plain in simple
    i have TMPGEnc ver. 2.5
    i open up TMPGEnc and go to files in select MPEG-Tools.
    the default setting comes up for Simple Multiplex.
    then i open up audio input from Simple Mulitiplex.
    then i search for my mp2 file that i created from Besweet GUI v0.6 by DD& DG(10.10.2003) {Win2K mode}.
    then i find it and open it up and i get a message saying "Illegal Audio Stream"
    i tried several times to make the file over .then i tried different files its still had the same error. then i dowloaded another tmpgenc and still had problems. the file is
    in mp2. first it was a wave then i transcode the file with besweet then it was a mp2. im trying to create my first kvcd but i can get past this problem.

    Please somebody help me and please dont send me to a link becasue i get lost and confuse thanx!

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    im not sure what settigs you used, but i think the bitrates etc of the mp2 are important...and i dont know what they should be either

    but, to be honest, if youre starting out (and it sounds as though you are) try forums, and get a prog called acp which will do this for you (the only limitations as far as i can see is the ability to use more complicated scripts etc which i dont understand anyhow, and it only does mpeg-1)

    hope someone can give more help than me
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    thanks vivtrons15 i just need some more help.

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    can you play the mp2 ?

    and kvcd/acp giudes in my sig

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    yes i can play the mp2

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    try another program to mux like bbmpeg

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    It could just be tmpeg mate...its always had problems handling audio.You could tri using tmpeg to encode the audio,then try mutiplexing.

    Goto options at the top,evironmental settings,audio engine & select highest quality.

    Load the wav,on the right choose audio only.Press settings,,224 bitrate or what it should be for kvcd.

    Start.It should only take a few mins

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    thanks to ck-uk and much2pl im doing it right now


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