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Thread: Will PS-5 Change The Gaming World?

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    Today an Announcement came that surprised me that PS-5 will launch in June which is the biggest news I heard from last month. I am a gaming guy who always loved to play games but from last year there is nothing came from the gaming world that really effects me so much that I will play that game all day and night. But after saw this amazing announcement, I am thinking now that what will the new surprises that PS-5 will bring in the front of the world.

    So I want to know what will the effects and how P5-5 will change the era of gaming or its impact on the gaming world. I am really excited to know about this topic.

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    Waiting for it !!!!!

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    With the pandemic and the lack of consoles, this new generation starts very slowly ...

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    I am still waiting to see someone play in 8k

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    It's like 4K, but bigger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by belgradar View Post
    I am still waiting to see someone play in 8k
    PSVR2 is approaching that benchmark...


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