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Thread: I've Got Ie Problems

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    I don't know what to do - something is wrong with my IE - when I click on Sig2Dat links - nothing happens, nothing happens when I click on add smiley list in phpBB foums as well (these forums somehow work though)
    Did anyone encounter such a problem? - I browsed all my software realted to the internet to determine a possible problem, but no luck
    I'll give a list of sofware I use:
    Win98 (used windows update a few days ago)
    IE 6SP1 (+some patch I downloaded with windows update)
    Zone Alarm 3.1.395
    WebWasher 3.0
    AIM, Trillian
    Norton System suite 2003
    Norton Antivirus 2001
    K++ (the latest I think with sig2dat installed)
    Ad Aware 6
    I conenct through DSL

    Please help

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    See if this thread helps any...........
    "8-ball Corner Pocket"

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    I had similar problems, it turned out to be Zone Alarm. Try turning it off and see if it still does it. If it does un-install Zone Alarm and replace it with Kerio Firewall. It's free from Kerio's website:-

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    download the latest version of zone alarm
    thats what i use and i have no problems make sure you dont turn on mobile code with zone alarm if surfing web pages it will block all java

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    I've been using this version of zonealarm for a few monts, but the problem only accured this week when I reinstalled windows. I've tried shutting it down but no use. I'll try to update it though

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    I use the free version of zone alarm - so mine's the latest version I can get.

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    I've just tried shutting down ALL running software - firewall, antivirus, even InCD, but didn't help...
    The link to other thread didn't help - the guy has an image displaying error (I get that too if I overload my connection with downloads) and I have some kind of scripts error
    maybe it might be some setting in the IE setup?
    Btw, IE version shows 6.0.2800.1106

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    Not quite fix more of a get round, but have you tried Netscape instead of IE6. I use Netscape 7 and Sig2dat certainly works with it.

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    i read in anthor forum adaware 6 can mess up your internet settings and delete
    a ceratain windows file which need s to be replaced from windows disk

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    Now that sounds interesting I suppose removing ad aware won't help in this case - what should I do?

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