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Thread: Medal Of Honor Spearhead Pc

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    hi. i just downloaded a 748mb Medal of Honor Spearhead from Kazaa. It's in the form of Easy CD Creator. Does anybody know how to work this game?

    I have tried using IsoBuster and i could extract fiels and install it, but when it came to playing the game, it said it needed the cd. please help me!!!

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    go into the cd folder that u extracted..and find a folder that says "crack" or find the game .exe, you might need to goto the game dir to find out wat it looks like....anyways....copy the "cracked" exe into the orginal place were the game was...

    My Computer>C:/>Program Files>MOH(or where ever it is installed) then replace it, you will kno you did it right if it asks to overite a file


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