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Thread: Interesting news for players in Norway

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    Quote Originally Posted by IdolEyes787 View Post
    I knew a person who was from Norway.

    No wait, it was Denver.
    Pretty sure this was Meg... I don't blame you for not knowing where Idaho is either.
    "I just remembered something that happened a long time ago."

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    Idaho is a novel by Sir Walter Scott. Scott later went on to serve as chief engineer aboard the Starship Enterprise before Starfleet turned all woke and he was replaced by a transsexual person of colour.
    Respect my lack of authority.

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    Speaking of Canadians...

    Seems if you look long enough, you can find a couple of good ones...
    Quote Originally Posted by IdolEyes787 View Post
    Ghey lumberjacks, wolverines, blackflies in the summer, polar bears in the winter, that's basically Canada in a nutshell.

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