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Thread: How Do I Open Iso Files

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    Can someone help me how to open iso files

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    ISO files are images of complete CD's, you'll need to burn it onto a CD and then run it from the CD. I don't know of anyway you can open them as such but to burn them correctly onto a CD go here for some information:-

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    WinISO is pretty good for opening ISO's, Just search for it on KaZaa.

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    Na, get virual drive.

    With WinISO, you get to see the contents yes, and still install, but some iso's need to be burned and run from the CD. Virtual Drive will make an ISO into a virtual cd and put it in a virtual cd drive. It's the next best thing to burning to a CD, but you save a CD-R.

    Similair thing happen to me when I downloaded a program called eyeQ. It was an iso and my cd burner happen to not work, so instead of wasting CD-r's, I tested out WinISO and Virtual Drive, personally liked V. D. much better.

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    thanx everybody


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