When's the last time you had a chance to set up your brand new phone! Passwords, contacts, websites, numbers, colors!!!!!!!
What a pain in the ass! I was at work today.and I had my phone in my pocket. I'm on my feet all day long. I glance at my phone once in a while and everything's fine. I pulled out of my pocket to look at something and the screen is black and will not come back. I try to reboot it by holding the power button but that doesn't work. I can feel it vibrating when I hold the button on but nothing happens. I'm at a loss. So I go out and buy a new phone. I replaced my old worn out pixel 4A with a brand new Pixel 7 and I have to put all this new information in. What a pain in the ass. And what's the first thing? An Android phone asks you. What is your Gmail and password? Well that's the first thing I forgot was my Gmail password because it's so automated nowadays you never have to type it in. Hours later Google saved me. I started the ball rolling by clicking on forgot my password and hours later. It's working but it never asked me to change my password so I really still don't know my password. Finally, I figured out how to change it. Hello Google, I guess you did save my ass!