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    I have just recently got my computer built, running and everything is fine, but my graphics/video card gives me this message "VPU Recover has reset your graphic accelerator it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands." After, I say, about 30 minutes or so. And the screen goes funky, different colors, lines/bars going everywhere, the comp goes into safe mode. So I re-installed the drivers. Once with the cd, then with the website at After I installed it with the cd, it worked ok, but it came back. So I installed the drivers from the website. I thought I fixed the problem, no messages for about a week about the VPU recover..... So I thought everything was fine so, I installed and started to play "Call of Duty".. been playing for about hour and a half. All sudden out of the blue, the message pops up. game freezes.. moniter goes funky. safe mode comes on.. lose my spot in the game.. ah! anyone knows whats going on, if so can ya help. I have an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 128 MB, running WinXP pro, CPU is AMD XP 2400+, Kingston 512 MB PC2700, WD 40 Gig drive, mobo is MSI KT400 Ultra (MS-6590)

    Here are Video Card Settings:
    Name : RADEON 9600 SERIES
    Display Availability : Running/Full Power
    Video Mode : 1024 x 768 x 4294967296 colors
    Adapter DAC Type : Internal DAC(500MHz)
    Current Horizontal Resolution : 1024 Pixels
    Current Vertical Resolution : 768 Pixels
    Current Number Of Colors : 4294967296
    Adapter RAM : 128 MB
    Current Refresh Rate : 60 Hertz
    Video Processor : RADEON 9600 Series AGP (0x4150)
    Inf Filename : oem0.inf
    Driver Version : 5.2.3790.2
    Monochrome : false
    Installed Display Drivers : ati2dvag.dll
    Status : OK (After I restarted Comp) lol

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    this is quite a common problem with the ati cards and cod...try the following and it should fix it:

    1. remove any old drivers with the cat-uninstaller...then install
    This should fix ur problem....its basically the uncertified 3.10 cat drivers ur using there
    if not then try the following as well

    2. disable fastwrites....u can do it in bios or in the smartgart settings in ati control panel

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    I appreciate your help..but I have few questions, this is my first comp I put together, so bare with me. I don't know where the cat-uninstall is at,if ya know can you tell me, or i'll use the add/remove prog.. and uninstall with that, but do i uninstall both secondary and primary.. pci and agp..or just one..which one..thanks for your help

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    u can also unstall the driver in the hardwar manager

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    thanks from your guy's help, I installed the driver in the link provide..hoping it'll work, but didn't. But the other suggestion did. Thanks john_malkie2010 and raiserblade2003. Now I can play Call of Duty. Yall should check it out, great game! I can't stop playing it. lol


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