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Thread: Which Brand is best for Tablets Apple or Android?

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    In this Modern World, everyone is going mad About new electronic devices. So, there is a very old war still going on over which one is better, Apple or Android. I know that when we are going to compare the prizes of both, Android comes out on top, but when you want functionality and long durability, Apple comes out on top. Please tell me which one is better in terms of everything.

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    Depends on enterprise (samsung) editions.. and patching, for how long untill the device isn't updated anymore.

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    The Apple iPad is often preferred over other tablets due to its seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem, including iOS apps, iCloud, versatility, powerful hardware, and extensive app support making it a suitable choice for tasks like productivity, content creation, and note-taking, with options like the Apple Pencil and keyboard accessories further enhancing its functionality. And compatibility with other Apple devices. Its sleek design, robust app store, and regular software updates also contribute to its popularity. But it's depend on your budget as well.

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    The "best" tablet brand depends on your demands. If you value seamless connections with other Apple devices and a vast library of well-optimized apps, an iPad may be best. If you desire customization, more hardware possibilities, and an open ecosystem, an Android tablet may be better.

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    iPads are great if you are just consuming. If you're trying to do something go with Android.

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    Funny you should ask. Just came across this story about a Linux tablet. Didn't know they existed.

    Purism's new 11-inch Linux tablet runs a full desktop version of PureOS

    Good luck!

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    Onn. (Yeah Walmart stuff / brand) 12.1" I believe, Android, dependable and $49.99 on sale a few years back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scuffs View Post
    iPads are great if you are just consuming.
    I think all tablets are for "just consuming", or at least I haven't found one that lets you comfortably compile code, run virtual machines or host servers.

    In any case, one big point in favor of Android devices is the wider price range... read Stehle's post above, then try to find a new iPad for $50. The system is also more open, although by no means perfect (rooting is mandatory if you want to be in control, not everything gets a custom ROM, and there's heavy reliance on proprietary Google apps).
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