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Thread: No Video Help Please

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    i have searched the forum for an answer to this question. i have tried all of the suggestions. but i can't get any video when downloading movies. i have tried bsplayer, vidoe lan, real player , divx, and windows media. none of them work i have done virus scans also i have none that i know of. this happens with verifed movies and others.

    can someone please help?

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    if it doesn't play in videolan its probley a fake, it has its own codec's built in to render movies

    guess you could open it with gspot and see what its encoded with and if you have the ability to play it, its in the klite codec pak if you don't have it already

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    where do i get gspot?

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    its in the klite codec pak if you don't have it already
    Get it in the codec pack... If you don't have it, I would recommend you download it.

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    bsplayer? i have it.

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    Mate the players irrelevant if you havent got any codecs.Install the kazaa lite codec pack first.

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    thankyou all

    it works sorry for my newbiness


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