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Thread: Extensive Usenet Indexer List

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    Description: Extensive Usenet Indexer Table with registration status, membership types, API hits, download hits, membership duration, membership prices and payment methods.
    I combined two Usenet information tables of two other users (thanks to Just2it & sbestran) in other forums and added and updated information to create this extensive table.

    • Please help with missing information
    • Please help to keep the information up-to-date
    • No promotional prices, discounts and deals listed (would be too time consuming)
    • NZBStars API works well, but it has a parsing issue with imdbids. If used with Radarr, it will give caps of imdbid search and when it tries to search for a movie, it will try the name and imdbid. That will disable NZBStars saying that it has an error (the name search results will be ignored due to the imdbid error). The solution is to use Prowlarr directly for searching movies with NZBStars. Sonarr and Lidarr are not affected by this issue and work just fine with Stars. (info taken from sbestran)
    • NZB-SA API still works, but can not be added to ProwlARR due to outdated SSL Certificate. There is no way to force ProwlARR to accept that, but I did not test with Hydra. API tests were made trough browser. (info taken from sbestran)

    Table of content:
    Managed Indexers:
    (biggest section of the table) Best kind of indexer. They offer API access, which makes automation with tools like Sonarr, and Radarr possible and NZBs can be directly sent to your download manager. They index obfuscated NZBs with release names and passwords.
    Public Indexers:
    They index automatically from Usenet groups. They only have mostly obfuscated headers and the NZBs never come with a password even if the content is password-protected.
    Spotweb Indexers:
    Great for Dutch and Flemish content, but also a lot of English content.
    Spotweb is a Spotnet implementation in PHP. Spotnet only shows actual Spots - spots are manually created by humans which categorize them and provide an image and description for the spot. You cannot compare Spotweb with for example Newznab or other such systems as its a moderated and curated system with manual intervention.
    This makes Spotweb slightly slower for new content but should most likely raise the bar on quality - depending on the Spotters.
    GitHub Repo:

    Indexer Registration status Memberships API/Day NZB/Day Membership duration Price (2024-04-30) Paymentmethods Accepted Cryptocurrencys Primary Content
    Moderated Indexers Open Trial 1000 100 14 Days Trial PayPal - CoinPayments XMR BTC EN
    Free 100 25 Lifetime Free LTC BCH
    Premium Unlimited Unlimited 1y/3y/5y $10/$25/$40 ETH RVN
    Lifetime Unlimited Unlimited Lifetime $55 ZEC Etc Open "Free (""User"")" 25 5 90days (no 4K) Trial CoinPayments XMR BCH EN
    Legacy User 50 25 ? (no 4K) Free ZEC BTC
    Supporter 2500 750 1 Year $15 LTC Etc
    VIP 10000 2500 1 Year $25 Open User RSS Unlimited Lifetime Free --- --- EN / Anime Donate Only / Open Free 10 10 Lifetime Free Plisio XMR BCH EN
    Basic 2000 1000 1 Year $10 BTC LTC
    Vip 5000 2500 1 Year $20 ETH
    Ultra Unlimited Unlimited 1 Year $35 USDT Invite (down often) Trial 100 10 10 Days Trial None (itself) BTC DOGE EN (down)
    Lite 100 10 Lifetime Free
    VIP 3000 Unlimited 1/3years $20/$50 Invite Water (Free) 25 5 Lifetime Free PayPal - BTCPAY (self Hosted) - UK Amazon Giftcards BTC EN
    Ale 1000 100 1 Year 15 € AltCoins
    Wine Unlimited Unlimited 1 Year 25 € (with Additional Fees) Open Member Disabled 3 Lifetime Free PayPal None EN
    VIP Unlimited 1 Year $17
    VIP Supporter Unlimited $25 Open ? ? ? ? $3.78 / Month PayPal Music Open Trial 2 2 Undefined Trial PayPal None EN
    Member 400 100 1 Year $10
    Vip 1000 250 1 Year $20
    Lifetime 2000 500 Lifetime $50 Invite Gast (Guest) 0 0 Lifetime (until 180 No Login) Free Own System - Gift Me Crypto XMR LTC DE
    User 50 5 30 Day Free
    Friend 50 5 Lifetime Free
    VIP 2000 300 1 Year 10 € Invite Trial 30 10 14 Days Trial Crypto Over Discord BTC ETH EN
    DAN 0 2000 450 1 Year 15 €
    PurpleX 3000 1000 1 Year 25 €
    UNLIMITED 20000 10000 Lifetime (+Plex Share) 150 € Invite Free 100 5 Lifetime (no Xpcls) Free Blockonomics BTC BCH EN
    Contributor 1000 1000 1 Year (tv/mov) $20
    VIP 5000 5000 1 Year $43
    Lifetime VIP Unlimited Unlimited Lifetime $125 Invite Free User 50 10 Lifetime Free NOWPayments BTC LTC DE
    6 Month Member 5000 500 6 Month 20 €
    1 Year Member 10000 1000 1 Year 40 € Invite ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    in* Invite User 48 5 Lifetime (until 30 Day No Login) Free CoinPayments BTC EN
    Friend 1000 1000 Lifetime $10 Open Free 0 0 Free Stripe - Plisio LTC DOGE EN
    VIP 5000 600 1/2/3 Years $16/$31/$42 BTC ETH Open Free 25 3 Lifetime Free Coinbase LTC ETH EN
    Basic 5000 10000 1 Year $12 BTC Bcc
    Pro 20000 20000 1 Year $25 DASH
    Elite Unlimited Unlimited 1 Year $40 Open Free """Limited""" 15 3 Days Trial PayPal - Square Pay - Coinbase - Coingate LTC DOGE EN
    VIP Unlimited Unlimited 6/12/5y/lifetime $6/$12/$40/$80 BTC ETH Etc Open Free 100 5 Lifetime Free Stripe None (or BTC Via Support?) EN
    Vip 2000 200 1 Year $12
    Vip+ 4000 2000 1 Year $22 Open User Disabled 5 1 Day Trial PayPal - Amazon Giftcards - CoinPayments BTC BCH EN
    VIP 5000 Unlimited 1 Year 11£ LTC XMR
    Platinum 20000 Unlimited 1 Year 15£ DOGE
    LULT 20000 Unlimited Lifetime 40£ Closed Free 200 50 Undefined Free --- --- EN
    om* Invite User 10 10 Lifetime Free Own Web System? BTC BCH DASH DOGE ETH EN
    VIP 10000 2000 1 Year 10 € LTC XMR ZEC Open Compte Normal 0 0 Lifetime Free Own System - Amazon Giftcards BTC FR
    Compte Ambassadeur 5 0 Lifetime Free
    Compte VIP 2000 1 Year 20 €
    Forfait Usenet Illimité 4000 1year 50 € Open User (Free) 0 10 Lifetime (no P2p & Xxx) Free Kreditkarte - Giropay - Eps Überweisung - SOFORT - XMR BCH DE
    VIP 2000 400 1 Year (no P2p & Xxx) 15 € Bancontact - IDEAL - Przelewy24 - NOWPayments ZEC Etc
    Premium VIP 10000 2000 1 Year 20 € LTC BTC Open SD User 10 10 Lifetime Free Plisio BTC XMR BCH LTC EN
    HD Vip 2000 2000 1 Year $12
    UHD Vip 5000 5000 1 Year $20 Open Free 25 10 Lifetime Free BTCPay BTC LTC EN
    Supporter 2000 2000 1y/2y $10/$19 XMR Altcoins
    Supporter++ 5000 5000 1y/2y $20/$38 Open Free 50 5 Lifetime Free Stripe - CoinPayments BTC ETH EN
    BFF 10000 1000 Lifetime 20€+ LTC XMR
    WtFnZb Invite Free ? 5? ? Free Crypto Over E-Mail BTC EN
    VIP 10000 1000 1 Year 25 €
    Public Indexers No Account Free No API Unlimited No Account Free --- --- No Account Free No API Unlimited No Account Free --- ---
    FindNZB No Account Free No API But RSS Unlimited No Account Free --- --- No Account Free No API But RSS Unlimited No Account Free --- --- No Account Free No API But RSS Unlimited No Account Free --- --- Open Free 1000 (-200k) Unlimted Lifetime Free ? ? No Account Free No API Unlimited No Account Free --- ---
    ( Open Free Unlimited Unlimited Lifetime Free --- (only with it's app) --- )
    Spotweb open/no need Free Unlimited Unlimited Lifetime Free --- --- open on weekends Free Unlimited Unlimited Lifetime Free --- --- No accounts Free can't be added to ARRs Unlimited Lifetime Free --- --- Open/no need Free Unlimited Unlimited Lifetime Free --- --- No accounts Free no API Unlimited Lifetime Free --- ---
    *if you know, you know. If you don't please don't ask.

    Thanks again to Just2it & sbestran
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    This is great. Thank you for sharing.

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    Made sticky as promised Thank you!
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    Update #1:
    I made a GitHub repo! (Let's hope that it can stay there^^)

    Now people can send new information or make suggestions for change there. Then I will update the list with these updates here (and maybe on other forums in the future).

    However, if people don't know how to use GitHub for this, they still can make suggestions here
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bewegter View Post
    Let's hope that it can stay there^^
    You aren't even linking to the indexers, so odds seem good.

    Possible ideas for the future: make the table sortable and filterable and provide the data in CSV format?
    "I just remembered something that happened a long time ago."

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    Thank you for the feedback. I just started using GitHub. I will look into it. But it sounds very reasonable^^ I will try to make it work

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    Update #2:
    Added a new indexer to the list.
    It is still under development, so stay tuned for updates!

    In terms of content, their focus will be strictly on English-language films, TV shows and books.
    "Each title is carefully selected to ensure only the best releases in various resolutions (480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K) and strictly in English."
    A few words from one of the mods about their new project:
    "The goal of the site is to cater to those who are average streamers. Those with Plex collections. It will work like the Yify tracker that you would go to the film and only see the one 1080p for the film rather than indexing content from everywhere.
    NC, DS, Geek, they all index everything, they have tens of millions of releases and can have hundreds of 1080p copies for a single film.
    All content will follow the same encoding and quality standards"
    They plan to open by invitation only and
    "as the membership milestones happen, it will become harder to get in."
    What are your thoughts about this?^^

    Update #3:
    • Removed NZBScout as it did not belong to this list (it is not based on Spotweb, has no API, just an open website for NZBs).
    • edited info on and as both don't have an API

    Thanks to sbestran for looking into this and informing me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bewegter View Post
    What are your thoughts about this?
    The idea is very good or at least welcome by me, but I've seen this "we'll become much better and more exclusive and you'll wish you'd joined us when you still could!" sales pitch enough times...
    "I just remembered something that happened a long time ago."

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    Well, I don't really understand the purpose. They already have an indexer full of stuff. For me, it seems like just a way to get even more money out of the users. There is no purpose if one can set up arr's and let them filter out the quality of media one prefers. They could offer custom formats for Sonarr and Radarr or even create a new user class "Simple VIP" and make two new categories "simple movie" and "simple tv" with the underlying categories SD, 720p, 1080p and 4k, and only give them access to those categories (and books). But then they would need to make this access much cheaper than the normal VIP, what they probably don't want^^
    What I find so stupid, is that they just want to ditch NZBs that got "trumped" by a better release, so they don't want to pass them along or at least leave them accessible on the indexer.

    Won't be interesting for me. For beginners it may be a good indexer to start, I one can get in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bewegter View Post
    What I find so stupid, is that they just want to ditch NZBs that got "trumped" by a better release, so they don't want to pass them along or at least leave them accessible on the indexer.
    "Better" is in the eye of the beholder. I'd rather have choices.

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