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Thread: Programs To Prevent/remove Spyware

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    Helpful programs.
    Other programs are better than others but these programs are efficient to use and are uninstall able, but thanks for your suggestions. Plus these programs do not corrupt or slow down your internet connection.

    Ad-aware 6.0 Here
    Uninstall able for removal.

    Cwshredder latest version(s) Here
    Just delete for removal.

    Hijackthis latest version(s) Here
    Just delete for removal.

    Manual removal Cw Here

    Lop Info Here

    Zone Alarm 4.5 (Firewall) Here
    Uninstall able for removal.

    Zone Alarm 3.7 (Firewall, Gamer Recommended) Here
    Uninstall able for removal.

    *Note* do not forget to update them before scanning... new spyware/adware are produced everyday.

    Msn Plus & Lop
    People today download Msn Plus for msn messnger add-ons. Many msn users become angry and irritated at lop installing annoying spyware/adware into users computer's without knowledge of knowing it.

    To avoid installing msn plus with lop.
    Follow the procedure(s):
    Click the Manual installation -> Click -> *Note* when you see the agreements click "I refuse to sponser." Then your done, lop free.

    Trojans come in and out with ease.
    Now a days trojans are the biggest problem it is one of the usual cause of spyware/adware. There is no stop of this kind of problem. The only advice to you is using Zone alarm or the built in firewalls such as Xp Pro has and a anti-virus that works and detects trojans/viruses.

    If you do know how to prevent trojans from going into your computer PM me and thank you helping.

    Firewall recommended for gamers.
    If you are a gamer and you want to be protected with a fast connection i prefer to download zone alarm 3.7. Why? because zone alarm blocks counter-strike, starcraft, warcraft and other online games. But some games can go through but other popular games can't.

    Built-in firewall (FOR XP PRO, HOME EDITION)
    Goto -> Control Panel -> Network connections -> Local High-Speed Connection (LAN) -> Properties -> Advanced -> Check the box to turn it on, uncheck to turn it off. LAN settings under it, for custom port (incoming/outgoing ports).

    Dial users figure it out sorry for inconvinence.

    Don't panic when spyware/adware gets to you.
    Well if you do get spyware inside your computer don't panic and start deleting files that you don't know, that will just make things worse and complicated for you to fix. Small problems can turn to big problems, thier are many programs or sites that can fix your spyware problem so dont worry, relax and think about it. "Inhale and exhale."

    Help, advice, opinions,
    Plug and play programs are going to be in this Topic.
    You can also help by PM your links/programs to me and I will post them here.

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    Thanks for those man, I had all this shit on my IE fucked up and CW done the trick.

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    Very good , but wrong section, must be on the software world.Thanks for your work.

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    Thank You! CW removed the popup on my browser and fixed my ISP problem in like a matter of seconds, I'll run ad-aware when I get a bit more time!


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    This list is incomplete without the best, Spybot Search & Destroy.

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    Dont forget Spyware Blaster!

    It prevents most spyware from getting installed.

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    The Windows XP firewall is included with both Home and Pro.

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    Oh thank you for your help guys alright il add them for future purposes and yeah no problem glad be helping you guys.

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    this has been done before, but i aint complaining,
    (new people join the forum all the time and dont use the "search" function)
    good avdice is dont totally rely on windows firewall
    get ZA or sygate
    I am just a worthless liar. I am just an imbecile.
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    Originally posted by FKDUP74@7 December 2003 - 18:49
    this has been done before, but i aint complaining,
    good avdice is dont totally rely on windows firewall
    get sygate


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