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Thread: Neverwinter Nights Multi Player Help

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    1) Can you play NWN Multi Player on gamespy without a valid key.?

    2) Can you Host or Join a LAN IP to IP without a valid Key?

    The first time i tried it, i signed up for a user name and password. it told me could not connect to the server. but then it gave me the option for a LAN game.

    But when i tried that the second time, i cant get back to the LAN setup anymore to host or join. when i click on Multi Player it tells me invalid key bla bla bla . and i cant get back to the place that said LAN.

    I seen the set up server icon in the folder that lets you set up a server. but can people join from there also. ??

    Where are the NWN experts

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    I know the game is old but there has to be someone that has played, or not ,a pirated NWN online

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    1) nope
    2) i'm not quite sure, but i don't think you can

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    i have played on a cracked server before, not mine but my friends and it works if the people ur playing with also have the crack and blah blah

    but yea, it is POSSIBLE...but not at all EFFICIENT, more waste of time getting it set up than actually playing.


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