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    Hey all,

    After spending a few days at my uncles house and spending hours in the living room awake at night going through all those music channels, I realised just how much I'm missing and how much I would love to have it, so ....

    Is there any site or anything which somehow allows us to watch, listen, or somehow find out whats playing and what shows are on. I'm always listening to the same songs and would love to have some kind of radio playing the audio from it, or maybe streaming the channel. Main thing I want to know is all the latest songs, but without checking out music sites and being able to have mtv base on my pc, getting all those shows too .... maybe im being stupid.

    But I want this in any form ... not just read the tv guide, any one know?

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    you can get a tv card for your comp i think
    i don't know how though the other way of doing it would be to dl music videos by that can take quite a while for somepeople

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    you mention not using sites for the music well the only one i can say for watching music vids and listening to different music is
    Launch dot com

    it has streaming videos on it and you can create your own radio stations with music from your favourite get the occasional radio style ad.

    you will need a yahoo id to use this site.
    its not a bad site it offers a lot and is solely for music vid streaming and music streaming.

    hope this helps!

    good luck!


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