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    Hi, can anyone tell me if there is something else i should be doing.

    I have my 8mm camcorder hooked up to my computer and trying to put movie in computer so i can burn it to a dvd. i am using a d/l easy cd/dvd creator 6 and when i captured my video it had no sound recorded. - so then i notice that under settings in the audio there is nothing in the audio input and it does not give me any choices to pick from.

    Is there something else i need to do or could i have just gotten a bad d/l??

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    I take it that you are using the DVD Builder and how is the camcorder attached to your pc (usb, audio-video jacks)???

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    sorry, camcorder audio/video is attached to pinnacle linx 2 then pl2 is connected by usb port. i know the audio works through linx on another program but not easy c/d

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    yes i am using the dvd builder


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