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    Hey Ya, by Outkast, has been out for a while now, and has been the number one song in the country for over a month and a half.

    it's pretty catchy, and has lots of different beat changes, a mix of techno, rap, and a little rock

    i like the song, and it's on my playlist for kazaa

    what do you think of this song? do you like it, or despise it?

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    it's a great song...
    and from what i've heard the whole album is outstanding.

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    the whole album is ace.

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    the song would be even better if the radio wouldn't play it every half hour

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    OH DAAAAaaaaaAAAAaaaaMN, i just saw the music video for this song, and for 3 minutes it blew my mind. it's a good old-fashioned pop song (pop in the best sense of the word, not the American Idol sense)... but seeing Andre play every member of the Outkast "band" really sends it over the top. it's definitely worth looking around on kazaa for the "Hey Ya" video.

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    lol yeah its got a good funny vid with it. the album is really good i advise anyone who likes outkast to get it. a must have.

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    outkast are mad mofos, andre 3000 and big boi know their beats. IMO 2000's stankonia is a better album thou

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    IMHO, best song of 2003, without ANY shadow of a doubt :music1:

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    Outkast is excellent, the only good hip-hop out there.

    The song is excellent as well, but xbballplaya223x what country is it number one in?


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