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Thread: Fuck Man: K-lite Is Not Dead! Have The

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    what is up with you all. First RIAA hit Audiogalaxy, and this was very hard to me
    cause it was one of thes best services.

    And then K-Lite comes. Although I aas trying out many others: emule, piolet,
    soulseek. K-Lite is still the best. It is the best cause it works decentralized,
    and it will never die - come give the K++ Installed also offline to other people.

    Have the courage, but don't give it up! That is exactly what the RIAA wants! As I will have to leave this forum to help a good girld firend at her job out (read my post in lounge) I won't be able to get connected to this board. But as there fast computers at my friends company I will start Kazaa there and leave in background.

    But please: don't give it up. And also if you could have it run just few hours do it.
    Otherwise it would end like Audiogalaxy. And I do not want it! Show some courage!

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    So Sharman shut down a few websites. Big deal. B)

    We can use the current version of K-Lite until a new version of KMD blocks it.
    After that, anyone can post binaries on Usenet.

    So the only question is whether anyone still wants to produce Lite versions of Kazaa.

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    yep, i wonder who will take up where other left... the torch has been laid down, who will take the heavy weight and continue for the betterment of mankind??? an intresting question...

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    from slashdot

    Not only has Sharman Networks succeeded in eliminating nearly every major resource of Kazaa Lite K++, they are systematically forcing it off the network.

    How you ask?

    Recent upgrades to Kazaa clients (2.5 and higher) make them less tolerant with outdated or non official clients such as Kazaa Lite K++. Kazaa Lite is based on a version prior to 2.5, therefore a current supernode will not accept its shares. Although this will cause network headaches in terms of traffic, the client will not be able to participate or download off the main FastTrack network. This will effectively cluster and isolate all modified Kazaa clients from FastTrack.

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    This will effectively cluster and isolate all modified Kazaa clients from FastTrack.
    Which means Kazaa Lite will form it's own network. How bad can that be?

    OK less users to start off with but, it may have some advantages.

    Could become the end of KaZaA and Sharman. Lite can live on.

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    So we get to either be on the K++ network or the regular Kazaa network...

    Uh, is this supposed to be a difficult choice?

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    Sharman power comes from lobbing Congress to bend the law when it comes to Musics and Movies. Now this man of RIAA has limits to what he can do.

    His numbe one limitation is he has to FIND you before he can FINE you.

    You could have a encrypted anonymous decenteralized network of p2p clients. Wow that a month full. Problem is building is slightly painful, because you a usablity cruve. The more people that use it the better it is. But in the begining it would suck...... The end game still has problem because you must trade your bandwidth for privacy.) I am currently working on this right now. Will not be ready for beta testing for many months.

    The other solution is (A series of servers that will allow you to proxy all ports, all portocal, all the time.) This give you the ability to use any P2P client and network combo you want anonymously. The idea is simple and has been discuess in another discussion on this forum.

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    I have noticed that searches as of late on KL++ seem to have a large number of KL++ users...


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