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Thread: Left Speaker Not Working!?!?!?!

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    all the sound is coming from the right speaker. the left speaker is not working atall please help me

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    Check the connection to the sound card, also try pushing or slightly pulling out the speaker jack.

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    balance controls are set for both speakers right.

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    Get a tester, check the terminals of your speaker's wire. See if there's an Ohmic resistance output.

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    it's prob just a loose wire, happens to me with my old speakers just make sure the wires are all tightly connected

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    It could be worn out. Check and open the back of the speaker see if the two terminals are broken. If, solder it.

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    Are your speakers has a booster or amplified? Perhaps the output of the left channel is damaged.

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    anymore more help please

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    Originally posted by xbballplaya223x@8 December 2003 - 08:44
    anymore more help please
    What else more can you ask? I think all suggestions and tips are given in this topic.

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    Take all the wires connecting to the speakers out. Shut down your system. Put them all back in one at a time making sure its all tight and everything. Turn on and see if it did anything.

    Really, there is nothing much more you can troubleshoot unless you have it in front of you. So try each one's reply.
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