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    what does it mean if it says while installing: this is not a win 32 feature? can anybody help?
    thank you

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    don't know - probably only for xp? or linux?

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    not too sure i can help, but i am sure someone in here can,
    if you expand on that a little, like:
    what it is youre trying to install?
    maybe a more detailed description of error/message?
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    It could be win 16.

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    Get a grip people, this has beed done soooooooo many times before.

    Check the extension of the file. Not the one that was added to make it work with kazaa, the real extension.
    Make sure extensions are not being hidden by windows. XP is notorious for that. Just change it back to what it should be and open it it with the proper program.
    If it has a double extension, remove the .exe part of it.
    In most cases, it will be an ISO or bin. Maybe a rar or ace file. Check the full filename when you download and rename it when needed.


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