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Thread: Best Concert

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    What was the best concert you have ever been?

    my best one was Blind Guardian - a night at the opera tour 2002 in vienna. This was just great. B)

    I hope there isn't any topic like this yet.

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    I would have to say either WoodStock '94 or Clash Of The Titans in '91.Clash Of The Titans had Megadeth,Slayer and Anthrax all at their peak and then you had Alice In Chains open up for them 3,it was right before they made it big.

    And what can you say about WoodStock '94...nothing unless you were there,it was free and it was fucking awesome.No bullshit like that '99 shit,nothing but half a million brothers and sisters haveing fun.

    Have not been to alot of concerts lately...mainly just watch local shows at the bars anymore,but in my youth,back in the early to mid 90's I tryed to go to everyone that came through.

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    Saw Radiohead once at a tiny little venue in Cambridge (UK) called the Junction. That was real good.

    I also saw Green Day at the same place after Dookie came out and that was one of the most exciting energetic shows I've ever seen. Its always better at the small places

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    No doubt in my mind about that.
    The Freddie Mercury tribute for Aids awareness in Wembley 1992.
    Best performers there were George Michael and Seal.
    Worst was Roger Daltrey.
    And I'm not a fan of the two first.
    Metallica and Guns 'n Roses were great too btw.
    So were Def Leppard,..and David Bowie,....and Lisa Stansfield,..and Extreme,..and Annie Lennox, ......and Paul Young, and...

    Need I go on?


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    the Black Crowes at the New Aud in Worcester, MA. It was 93 or 94, during the Southern Harmoney and Musical Companion tour. Blistering loud, southern rock rules!!!

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    Old school Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax...hell yeah. I saw Rollins Band play about 2 years ago. It was tight. I got to meet Henry Rollins. I also saw Fugazi about a year ago...that was cool. Those are my 2 favorite concerts. wanted to see THE BATTLE OF THE ROBOTS TOUR a few months ago...Def Jux underground rap. But I couldnt go.

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    Only been to 2 but they were good.

    First, Ozzy in Fairbanks Alaska- probably only about 1500-2000 people. Ozzy was a bit sick so the drummer did a solo that seemed to last 10 minutes or so. Great job so Ozzy could rest up I geuss.

    Second, Pink Floyd- Division Bell in Munich, not the best album but it kinda grew on me. By far a better concert then Ozzy's. How can you compare Pink Floyd giving it there all to Ozzy in a tiny little Ice Hockey rink? Not really fair

    Oh yeah, saw a Sun fest in Fairbanks also with Strawberry Alarm Clock, John Sebastion, drummer(I think) from The Doors and others. Great time for what it was. Those were about 11 years ago.
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    Woodstock NY
    Woodstock '94 was by far the best ever. Small area, rain and a bunch of really cool people all partying together.

    '99 sucked.

    Second would be Bumbershoot 2001, this festival they put on in Seattle every year.

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    bON jOVI

    He came Huddersfield 2001.

    My god, I must stop this drinking.

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    Originally posted by Benno@14 February 2003 - 14:21
    my best one was Blind Guardian - a night at the opera tour 2002 in vienna. This was just great. B)
    Man, my favorite concert was Blind Guardian, when they were in NYC recently.

    ...and hopefully, i'll eventually go to that Metallica concert in the summer

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