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Thread: Bitcomet

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    What is BitComet?

    BitComet is a p2p freeware fully compatiable with BitTorrent, along with a lot of improvement. No adware or spyware.

    Why BitComet?
    Completely new network core with state-of-art designing, very low CPU and RAM usage.
    Simple-look but handy interface, no need to learn how to use at all.
    Disk cache mechanism, decrease the potential damage to the hard disk when high-speed downloading.
    Selected files download in one torrent.
    Intelligent resume and seeding, do not require long-time scanning.
    Only one listening port is needed, no matter how many simultaneous downloads.
    Support Muti-tracker torrent format.
    Muti-Language supported.
    No need to install, associate .torrent file only at run time.

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    Thanks Shared.
    Though not the sexiest thing out there, I prefere ABC client for now.

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    It froze up twice when I tried to test it on a torrent, dont think this is ready for prime time

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    gonna probally stick with shadows

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    Sounds interesting but at the rate I download, my hard disk shouldn't get damaged too much anyway. Besides I prefer to use azureus.


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