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    can some one tell me what this is and how i got it cuz i don remember installing it

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    It's supposed to be a protection software for other software - I know it comes with 3ds Max 4+ if you remove it - some of your software may not function.

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    Did you install turbotax?

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    Never heard of it.

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    the only program i came across with cdilla is 3d studio max
    so what have you downloaded to get cdilla!!
    doesn,t just appear on your computer you have to install it.

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    Just installed 3DSMax 5.0 and badda bing...badda boom - CDilla! Appears Discreet has added a bit of spyware as a copyright protection thing. Deleted the program - no more CDilla....reinstalled and there it was again. If you delete the CDilla, you lose your "license" and can't use the program. Anyone know how to get around this little glitch?

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    Are you sure its actually spyware?

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    Cdilla is not really spyware. It's just a liscensing check thing like Flexlm in Maya.


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