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Thread: Has Anyone Tried The New Windows Media Os?

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    Trying to decided if it worth looking for?

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    You mean Windows Longhorn?

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    heres the readme:

    Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004, available
    pre-installed on Media Center PCs, delivers advanced
    computing plus easy-to-use integrated digital entertainment
    live and recorded TV, movies, music, photos, and radio
    that you can enjoy when and how you want. All your digital
    media is in one place, accessible using a single remote

    Note: Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 requires the
    previous version of Windows XP Media Center Edition to
    be installed.


    guess I&#39;ll have to get the first one to install the newer one, does anyone use it?

    heres the ad for it:

    and whats up with that raido, does it emulate a tuner `

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    It&#39;s all crap and you need the hardware that goes with it or it&#39;s an even bigger piece of shit.

    Get PLUS&#33; You&#39;ll enjoy it more.


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