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Thread: I Need Help ...

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    Hello .. Can anyone please help me, whenever I share, other people can't get what im sharing ... Can anyone tell me how I can fix this? Please

    I got a lot of stuff to share, im IRC Op on Efnet .. I Got almost everything, just wanna know how to use KaZaA (Sharing).

    I'm an Ripper .. So I'll be sharing whole lotta stuff

    Bye, Thanks

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    How do you know people can't get what sharing??

    Anyway, go to options/kazaa lite k++ options/traffic - set number of uploads, and make sure box is unchecked for disable sharing.

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    cuz they always say we cant find ur shit ...

    how many minutes/day does it take to share ur thing?

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    Do you mean... When you have changed it how long should it take b4 people start seeing you're stuff?

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    like once .. I left ma kazaa for a month just fo people to see ma stuff .. it was in august ... & now they can see it ...

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    So what's you're problem? It's not your fault.

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    How Many Days/Time does it take to share stuff?

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    Minutes post a file then someone could try to down from you if you think theres something wrong.

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    Alright ...

    It depends on file size too right? & if u have firewall does it effect u ..

    Thanks for Replayin'


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