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Thread: Windows Installer Error

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    The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed" Error Message When You Try to Add or Remove a Program.

    I cant install anything. Ive been here
    and tried both options. It always says invalid file or directory ..etc. Is there a way to reinstall the Windows Installer. Im using windows XP, and there is not fix file I can find, as it always tells me 'xp is running the most current version". Well thats great, but if its f*#cked, then how do I un f#ck it? Would downloading a better or more current version(currently have home) of windows xp, like Pro fix this problem, and also, would I have to back up my current system to install a new version. Could you recomend one for me? Thanx in advance.

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    After a lot of work, I guess its fixed. Thanks anyways. Remove the post please admin.


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