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Thread: Windows Explorer Help

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    Someone knows how to add more columns in win 98 windows desktop explorer, like the ones that say "type/size" ; but i like to know if u can put columns like artistis/album...a little help would come handly u know

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    sounds like you need to add some kind of toolbar that has that stuf you want

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    I don't know how to use your own names, but (I think this works the same in 98, if not it's simular) you can right click on the file, click properties, click the summary tab, push the "simple" button, and edit the ones they have - title, author, subject ect. Those can be displayed.

    if you download Reshacker (resource) you might be able to change the names, but i don't know how you would do it
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    But i try that already, but i saw that u can add these columns in explorer in win 2000 and xp but in win 98 u can't; maybe there is some program...


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