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Thread: Monitor Problem

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    I use Windows 98se at home. Recently on my computer screen whenever I have anything onscreen with Text or Numbers or even shapes I have real light gray lines that run all the way from one side of my screen to the otherside. I called Tech Support for AOC the make of my monitor, because I thought it might be going bad,and that's what tech said my problem was. So I just bought a new monitor and once I got it hooked up and turned on, I still have the same problem. Can anyone help?
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    this maybe a heat/graphics card problem. what sort of fan setup have you got? does the monitor work fine on another pc? what are your tempretures?

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    This is usually caused by either bad resolution or faulty connection, if not try changing your GX crd.

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    Do you have magnets beside your PC and monitor? Or big speakers like subwoofer?

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    Usually caused by graphics card problems, or if the card (or onboard graphics chip) uses shared main memory you could have a memory problem.
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