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Thread: More Files Shared Than In My Shared Folder?

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    On the status bar Kazaa Lite shows about 50 more files being shared than I have given it access to in the Folder List. Can anybody explain please?

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    usually every folder has a subfolder or one file contains other files within itself.

    no need to worry it's not giving access to anything you didn't tell it to.

    to view all the files go to my kazaa and view all the directories.

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    go into your shared folder, go to tools>folder options>view and uncheck the box which says "hide protected operating system files" and check the "show hidden files and folder" radio button

    the 'extra' files are most likely album art files
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    Thanks for your help.

    Yes it was a case of hidden album art files and another reason for the discrepancy was that Kazaa doesn&#39;t count the partial downloads as being available for obvious reasons&#33;

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    Unfinished Kazaa/KL++ downloads (the *.DAT files) are not counted towards the total shared files amount.

    A common reason why people have more files shared than can be found is Kazaa AND KL++ &#39;secretly&#39; share themselves out of a special folder off their main folder.

    Another reason is due to specially-made Kazaa/KL++ trojans and viruses that hide but share themselves. They wreck havoc on the network too...


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