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Thread: E Mule Its Slow

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    I just installed E Mule v0.30d and downloading a 315 sourced file at 1.5k a second what is going on

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    get used to it
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    After you share and upload it may improve since its based on the rewards system...

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    That does&#39;nt figure considering that people use the network and not the client.

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    Originally posted by REALITY@8 December 2003 - 22:56
    After you share and upload it may improve since its based on the rewards system...
    No thanks..i just installed Shareaza and the speeds are Awesome...even better what i get on KLite

    I&#39;m starting to like Shareaza just because i can use Bittorrent with it.

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    make sure speeds are in KB and not kb as most people think they are similar and believe they get faster speeds but in fact slower (they are displayed differently ...aka 1KB = 8kb.. so default shareaza settings are in kb i think, if shareaza speeds are like 16kb and kazaa is like 3KB, kazaa&#39;s speed is faster since 16kb/8=2KB, and 3KB*8=24kb .....notice the kb and KB.)

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    I&#39;ve left my computer on for 6 hours and it hasn&#39;t even started downloading a file. I have high ID, I&#39;m sharing 300 files, I have cable modem, I have over 100 sources for the file, some even say I&#39;m in 1st place in the queue but then it still never downloads and the queue resets or something...

    And when it does start downloading I get speeds around 1-5 KB/s which is horrible.

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    check the link i posted

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    Originally posted by thisiswhoweare@9 December 2003 - 00:59
    check the link i posted
    pretty much been there done that.

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