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    anyone know where i can find the movie corsican brothers ??

    thank you for any reply

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    tried searching for it on k-lite?!

    well I did...

    just type in 'Cheech and Chong'

    Instant results:

    "Up in smoke"(DivX)

    "Nice Dreams"(VCD) (2discs)

    "Still smoking"(DivX)

    It's been a while since I've seen them but they're still a great laugh
    Maybe I'll dl them myself too.
    I haven't checked if they're real or not,but don't think this is the kind of movie that get's renamed.(title and filename are the same so I think you can be sure they're genuine,I think)

    editw shit I went trough all this trouble,and it's just now that i realise you're searching for a specific title of them :-" srry,my mistake


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