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Thread: Converting Dat File In Vcd / Svcd?

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    I think this question have been asked before, but I have searched in several ways and I get lots of no good results so I will ask it anyway. Thanks in advance for the help.

    I have several SVCDs and VCDs that have as you know DAT files. The content plays vbery well in BSplayer but I like to extract them from the discs and put them in my HD as mpgs (or whatever format they are in). This because I have a KISS DVD player (DP-500) that let me play files streamed to it from the PC and as this I can use any subtitles downloaded from the internet, as SVCD or VCD I cannot add subtitles.

    My question is: DO I simply rename the DAT files to something else and they will play as normal mpegs? Do I have to rename the VCD DATs with different extension than the SVCD DATs? What is the correct extension?


    Do I have to run some conversion for extracting the files from this DATs? If it is like this, extracti them to what? And what program can I use to do this?

    Thanks a lot.

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    OK, I have check well and SVCDs have .MPG files in the MPEG2 folder so I asume this doesn't need any conversion, I could play them directly + the sub file.
    About DATs in VCDs, do I just rename them to .MPG also?

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    At the top of the window mate choose tools,folder options,view,remove the tick remove known file extensions.Or you could do it with vcdgear,

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    Yeah m8, I know how to rename the extension of a file in Windows, but I was just wondering if it is ok just to rename the DATs to MPG and burn them as simply MPG files in a normal ISO1 cd, not as a VCD. I was wondering because I have some VCDs where the DAT file is huge (800MB) compared to what normally a CD can store.

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    Yeah mate if it'll fit.800mb maybe pushing it thou mate on a 700mb cdr.

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    Ok, but if it is ok to just rename DAT files to MPG, why people bother then converting or extracting the files from VCDs/SVCDs with tools like VCD Gear or Isobuster? I am really courious about this.


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