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    Blocklist Converter v2.28

    Bluetack Website

    1. What does the converter do?

    The Converter will convert blocklists and security rules from one format to another.
    A list of supported formats can be found here.
    Instructions on how to use the converter can be found here.

    2. Why would I use the converter and how do blocklists help me?
    he converter allows you to convert blocklists from one format to another. These formats include firewall configurations, hacker and spammer lists and peer-to-peer (p2p) security formats. Typically, these would be to prevent a list of potentially hostile addresses from accessing your systems.

    From the formats that are supported, the DShield list provides addresses of recent hacker activity, Bob's Blocklist provides lists of spammers and unwanted visitors, and there are many sources which provide lists of Internet spies who often are particularly interested in curtailing distribution of copyrighted works via p2p applications.

    Using a blocklist, can help prevent these sorts of activities from affecting your systems.

    3. Do blocklists mean I am protected from spies when I use P2P apps?

    No, it means you are more secure than you were before.

    While blocklists are an effective security aid, they do not prevent spies from looking at what you share 100% of the time. It just makes it a more difficult for them. Even the most complete blocklist will not prevent a determined corporate spy. They can easily use a residential dialup account to masquerade as a home user.

    Unfortunately, the ONLY way to remain 100% protected, when using p2p apps which do not hide your IP address, is not to share copyrighted materials!

    4. Thereís a format that I use which you donít currently support. How can I get this added?

    Just ask! PM me here. You will need to register on this forum first.(the author)

    It is worth noting that if I havenít already added this format, I havenít got the product, and have probably never used it.

    The following information is really useful when requesting a new format:

    Specifications and/or examples of the format.
    Links to related sites which provide further information on the application.

    The more information you can provide, the quicker the format is likely to be added.

    5. The converter has generated an error, what should I do?

    The first thing to do is check that you have specified the correct source format. This is the most common reason for an error occurring. If you are converting from PeerGuardian format, for example, ensure that the "Convert from format" dropdown menu has "PeerGuardian plain text" selected.

    At the moment, the converter does not verify that the source format specified matches the format of the source list. This will be added in a later version of the converter.

    If you are sure that you have selected the correct source format, then it is likely that you have found a bug. Please either post the error message on the Bugs forum or send the Quality Feedback Report in itís entirety to [email protected]. This will ensure that the bug is dealt with as quickly as possible.

    6. The converter has converted my file without an error, but it doesnít seem to work correctly with the application it is intended for. What should I do?

    If this is a newly added format, then there may be something wrong with the output that has been generated. Please email the output that was generated to [email protected]. I will have a look at the output and establish whether the problem was caused with the converter or not.

    7. I have converted a list but the output has far fewer ranges in it than the original. Why has that happened?

    This can happen for the following reasons.
    The source list contains permit rules, and the output does not support them. By default these entries will be removed. To convert these rules too, Set the "Include only deny filters in output" to "No".
    You have enabled a List Cleaning option which can remove duplicates and merge ranges. More information about this feature can be found in the Instructions.

    Bad IP Updates in french

    Use this to Translate

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    It's very impressive that you published your post.

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    I have been using Bluetack's Blocklist Manager since the beta stages and this is a great tool. If I am not mistaken the current version is 2.40 though..

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    I have been using this to, very useful.

    They should make this a program so you don't have to visit the site all the time.

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    Originally posted by Mik3ll@8 December 2003 - 22:36
    I have been using this to, very useful.

    They should make this a program so you don't have to visit the site all the time.
    It is a program but is still in alpha stage and very stable. You can download it from the bluetack forums.

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    Originally posted by Mik3ll@8 December 2003 - 20:36
    They should make this a program so you don't have to visit the site all the time.
    You Don't...

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    Been using Bluetack for ages now.

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    A Sweet Sweet application - getting better each time!


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