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    i cant d/l anything on shareaza it just says under status Q8of8????

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    it means you are 8 poeple away from downloading...

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    I always experienced that term, that's why I deleted the program.

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    ive deleted and reinstalled that prog 5 times now, and everytime i try it i get nothing, i left the thing running all night once with a list of different downloads, and in the morning nothing had started to download,the only thing i ever got was an mp3 and the speed was less than 1kb, and some people say its a viable alternative to the kazaa network---bullshit.
    you read the posts that say its good and you think ok i will give it another try but everytime you do its the same old watching paint dry crap.

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    use another p2p.

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    Make sure you're connected to all of the networks.

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    Originally posted by aserty@10 December 2003 - 03:02
    Make sure you're connected to all of the networks.
    I don't really agree with this.

    I tend to avoid connecting to the eDonkey network as much as I can, unless I'm going away for a few days and don't have to sit there looking at the queues getting longer.

    My download speeds are pretty good from G2 and BT simply flies.


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